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12:38am 26/05/2004
  Haha, remember this thing?  
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Ultimate Kick Ass New Years Eve Party!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
11:58pm 29/12/2003
  New Years Eve Bash  
New Years Plans???? 
12:19pm 26/12/2003
  New Years Eve Bash  
03:37pm 16/12/2003
  New Years Eve Bash  
05:11pm 25/11/2003
  Blue Ribbon Social Club is throwing a New Years party at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ. There'll be some bands, and 2 dj's spinning 80's, New Wave, punk, oi!, hardcore, etc. for all you to shake your asses off to. Free Pabst Blue Ribbon while supplies last. It's 21+. I'll post the poster and more info as it comes.  
AW YUCK!.. just terrible! 
09:37pm 20/07/2003
mood: curious
oh jesus christ.. i just witnessed the most horrible awful mess of nastiess the human eye can see without blinding! what brings people together? YUCK
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09:48am 04/07/2003
mood: accomplished
thank god for rebounds. hahahah. eff you.
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oh man 
08:52am 07/06/2003
mood: bitchy
and you thought those other "rate me" communities were bad:

i just saw that as i was sifting thru journals this morning. OLD SCHOOL?! and people need to put up their favorite BANDS to be judged? that is just mortally stoopid... beyond words

after looking at all these communities, i am now convinced 90% of livejournal is just people convincing themselves they are "hot" by taking flattering webcam pictures and showing them to anyone who will look
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the douche bag chronicles... 
11:15am 22/05/2003
  First, my apologies for the cross post..but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to advertise her new community...ladies, gents...ever get perverted, insane, disgusting e.mails or instant messages from jerk-faced douchebags online?...ever find then somewhat interesting and often times hilarious and want to share them with others, to call out that moron who was talking to you..well here’s your chance in db_chronicles!...join the douche bag chronicles today!  
12:39pm 05/05/2003
  So I open up one of my many email addresses and find 60 emails from 59 different people complaining to get them off the spam list that I'm on, that i don't want to be on. Urggg!

Now, Spam is bad enough, but now I'm getting Spammed on Friendster. I get this message today from some kid Brian:

Hey, i noticed you're from New Brunswick NJ, My
band is playing a show there on Saturday the
17th at the "Zen House" so if you have nothing
better to do you should come. We're called "The
Animit" ( www.theanimit.com ) i don't know if
you'll belive me but.. we don't suck :)

I know this was an inpersonal and hopefully not
TOO annoying of a message but hey, you might
enjoy yourself

if you're wondering what kind of music we are
there are mp3s at the site

If you made it this far.. thank you for reading

So I'm emailing him the following message:

The message was slightly annoying, but being in a bands I understand you gotta do what you gotta do to get people out to shows.

But implore you to do research before you do so.

Firstly, you lied. You said your band didn't suck. I went to your site, the shortest song you have on your site is over five minutes. The vocals aren't to my liking and the music NEVER ends. Definitely cut your songs down to 3 minutes or under, trust me.

Secondly, what's with the emoticon crap? Now if you were a chick or a gay dude, I'd let this slide. But grown men shouldn't be sending other men (especially ones they don't know) fucking emoticons. I understand that I may be creating gender based (and sexual orientation based) biases here. If you don't like it, you can take a frowning face emoticon :( and shove it up your ass.

Thirdly, you may be asking why am I being such a dick. If you took the time to research who I am, you would see it in black and white on my Friendster profile page, under the About Me section, that I CLEARLY STATE that "I'm an overly opinionated asshole from Jersey who doesn't give a shit about you." You reap what you sow.

Lastly, "And if I offended you, Oh I'm sorry but, maybe you needed to be offended. But here's my apology and one more thing...Fuck you!"

Now if you get my last point, you're not as bad as I think, but something is telling me you won't get it.

King of All Assholes...Junior

Now for any one who got my last point, the first round is on me - and if you're straight edge then I like you more cause the water is free!
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i better see all you there! 
10:29pm 03/05/2003
mood: aggravated
joe, junior, LISA! you should come to this dj night. i am promoting it kinda early but screw it:
it will be a lot of fun, it was the last time... would i lie to youse? ;)
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09:49am 02/05/2003
  OK ladies and gentlemen (and I use that term VERY loosely), yet another one of our WWF superstars of the 1980's has died. This time it was Miss Elizabeth. You know Randy "Macho Man" Savage's ex main squeeze, the one George "The Animal" Steele was in "love" with and followed around the ring. She was dead at the house of her boyfriend Lex Luger (aka "The Natural" and "The Narcissist" when he was in WWF back in the day).

Here's the story: http://www.11alive.com/news/news_article.asp?storyid=31250
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customer service? says who?? 
11:53am 01/05/2003
mood: annoyed
most things in this country is decent.. and i cant totally complain.. but one thing i really hate is fuckin customer service.. WHY THE FUCK CANT I TALK TO A GOD DAMN PERSON.. i dont want a fuckin automated voice.. i dont want to push ONE..and figure this problem out on my fuckin own.. OBVIOUSLY i already tried.. now im looking for someone on THEIR end for assistance.. but no.. i have to sit on the fuckin phone for 74290784209 hours and talk to some god damn computer that ends up disconnecting me anyway.. what the fuck.. i want a person.. then when i do get a living being.. what are they?? totally incompitant.. uneducated.. cant help me anyway.. tards.. or they cant speak english.. no way should you be workin customer service in an ENGLISH speakin country and cant even talk the language.. i dont want to speak to a mexican.. what the fuck..why is SPANISH a choice? youre here.. learn the fuckin language.. or GO BACK TO YOUR OWN THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. im so sick of this.. or they are arab.. and i cant make that shit out either.. by the time i finally do talk to a human.. ive already been online for a million years.. i dont want to have to FIGURE OUT what my 'customer service rep' is sayin to me.. all i want is a question answered.. one that.. if a person answered right a way.. and one that spoke english at that... could probably be answered within MINUTES.. but no.. i have to waste 1/2 my day redialing cuz this fuckin shit sucks..

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Haiku (inspired by pressure_drop earlier post on his lj) 
12:28pm 14/04/2003
  Smackdown on Saddam
American G.I.'s rule
Liberate Iraq
you know my birthday just passed... 
05:42am 12/04/2003
mood: determined
if anyone wants to get me a gift. i mean, what's 40 bucks among friends right?!
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Let it play through....so hot 
09:28pm 10/04/2003
  This one is for the guys...

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holy shit 
10:34am 01/04/2003
  So I was in my anthropology class today and we were talking about current events and whatnot...

apparently the frogs have given us an ultimadem(sp?) saying that we have a week to get out of iraq or they are gonna go to war with us. i dont know if it was just a threat or if they really would go all out but either way its some crazy shit. think about it, the last time we invaded france was to get the germans out. the next landing on normandy will be to kill those french bastards.
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What the fuck! 
09:36am 01/04/2003
mood: aggravated
Farnce is now saying if we dont pull out of Iraq In one weeks time they will be at war with us as well,, Well I say bring it on you fucking frogs,, Turn on CNN if you can How dare they threaten this country! I say round them up and put them in death camps, Go to every french restaurant and hair sallon and drag them out by their greasy stinky hair! Im seriously pisssed now!
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11:40am 26/03/2003
  If any one cares (which I know you all do) here's my favorite bands of all time. These are the bands whose cd's I'd take with me to that mythical island where I'd be all alone. Here they are in alphabetical order (they're all pretty much equal as a favorite):

The Misfits
Niblick Henbane
Sheer Terror
Suicidal Tendencies

Pretty much defines who I am, and lets you get a better idea of where I come from.

And you?
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03:47pm 24/03/2003
  Hey all, not that anyone cares, but this is the Junior that Ed was referring to before. I'm now a member. But anyway, this is probably the best "community" out here in the web. I can actually read shit without wanting to smash the fucking computer.  
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