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customer service? says who??

most things in this country is decent.. and i cant totally complain.. but one thing i really hate is fuckin customer service.. WHY THE FUCK CANT I TALK TO A GOD DAMN PERSON.. i dont want a fuckin automated voice.. i dont want to push ONE..and figure this problem out on my fuckin own.. OBVIOUSLY i already tried.. now im looking for someone on THEIR end for assistance.. but no.. i have to sit on the fuckin phone for 74290784209 hours and talk to some god damn computer that ends up disconnecting me anyway.. what the fuck.. i want a person.. then when i do get a living being.. what are they?? totally incompitant.. uneducated.. cant help me anyway.. tards.. or they cant speak english.. no way should you be workin customer service in an ENGLISH speakin country and cant even talk the language.. i dont want to speak to a mexican.. what the fuck..why is SPANISH a choice? youre here.. learn the fuckin language.. or GO BACK TO YOUR OWN THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. im so sick of this.. or they are arab.. and i cant make that shit out either.. by the time i finally do talk to a human.. ive already been online for a million years.. i dont want to have to FIGURE OUT what my 'customer service rep' is sayin to me.. all i want is a question answered.. one that.. if a person answered right a way.. and one that spoke english at that... could probably be answered within MINUTES.. but no.. i have to waste 1/2 my day redialing cuz this fuckin shit sucks..

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